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The Shark Under My Bed

April 20, 2018


 I asked my mom for four slices of bread,

So I could avoid going to bed. 

Because going to bed fills me with dread!


"Enough bread, it's time for bed!" Mom said. 

"Please, please, pe-lease. Five more minutes," I pled. 

"I won't eat more bread. Let's read instead!"


My mom didn't listen to my sorrowful and heartfelt pleas. 

I landed in my room faster than I could say my ABC's. 



Inside my bedroom, I turned on three nightlights.

The dark gives me such a terrible fright.

Because a bad shark comes out at night. 


I tried to sneak out of my bedroom. 

But I was thwarted by the hallway broom!

I tripped and it fell with a loud BOOM. 


My mom leapt out of her room--a surprise attack!

She took my hand and marched me back. 



Under my bed, two eyes glared up at me.

I sank in my covers feeling smaller than a flea. 

I'd swim across the big ocean to flee. 


I hate, hate, hate scary bedroom sharks. 

I wish mine would go and live under a bench in the park. 

Then I wouldn't be so afraid of the dark. 


I looked out my window at the bright stars outside. 

I wish I could glide in their light in the countryside. 



One red button appeared on my nightstand. 

Enough is enough! I took my stand.

I hit the button with both of my hands.


My bed began to rumble and shake, 

It started to tilt, steam and quake. 

I pinched myself to make sure I was awake. 


My bed lifted off the ground like a spaceship,

I gripped my bed tight, ready for a wild trip!


"Blast off!" I said, and prepared to fly. 

My bed and I shot up high into the sky.

I waved to my house and shouted, "Goodbye!" 


My spaceship was faster than bikes and cars.

In seconds I could touch comets and stars.

I even touched the surface of Mars!


Out in space, the dark wasn't bad,

It actually pretty and rad.



The dark helped me see the planets and stars.

I discovered my favorite planet is definitely Mars.
It's the perfect spot for bumper cars. 


"Grrr," came a noise from under my bed. 

I felt sick, and my face paled from dread.

"No bad sharks allowed! Go away," I pled. 


How did the shark get all the way up here?  

I snuck a peek under the bed and jumped in fear!




The shark clung to the bottom of my bed,

Swinging by a thin, dangling thread. 

I swallowed my fear and went ahead.


I grabbed her slippery fins with my bare hands. 

The shark was heavier than I ever planned.

With a hard tug and pull, we both crash landed


On my fluffy pillows, almost falling off. 

I stared at the shark, it was a standoff. 



Then the shark gave me a big slimy hug,

And a, 'thanks bunches for saving me' mug. 

The bed flew us back home, while we sat snug,


On my pillows, drinking tasty tea.

I was happier than a bumble bee!

Once we landed in my room, the shark


Plopped, flopped and squished back under my bed. 

Now, when I come to bed, I don't feel dread, 



I'm ready to go to bed at bedtime.

Because at eight when the clock dings then chimes,  

Sharky flops up on my bed and it's space-time!


We visit new galaxies every night. 

And we bask in their colorful starlight. 

Our night flights are a wonderful delight!


We're the bestest space buddies! And it's grand,

Getting to explore this starry wonderland.

Get a space buddy of your own! Adopt Sharky from WWF, proceeds go to help save nature: 

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