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The Perfect Pet

March 24, 2019




I want one too! I don't care what kind of pet it is. It could be hairy, slimy, or pokey. 


"Mom, can I have a pet? I pinky-promise to take care of it." 


But my mom said, "No. A dog or a cat is a big responsibility." 


"But..." I said. 

"Here," said my mom, cupping her hands around some air. "This is Gurp, and she likes to burp. You have to look closely because she's an invisible air pet."


She handed me Gurp, "Why don't you go out and play? Gurp likes hide n' seek." 


I took Gurp outside, but she was too good at hide n' seek. I looked for her in trees, under rocks, and in my socks. I couldn't find her anywhere.


"Gurp! Where are you?" 


That's when I found something fluffy in the grass. 


"You're not, Gurp," I said. 


"Boop," she said back. 


"Can I call you Fluffy?" I asked. 


"Boop, boop," she said. 


"Coolio, Fluffy it is! Would you like to be my new pet?"


"Boop, boop, boop." 


"Whohoo!" I said. Together we played pirate, made the best mud cakes, and built a top secret fort. 


"Time for lunch," my mom called out. 


I ran inside with my Fluffy.  "Mom, can I keep her? She's not a cat or a dog, and she's not too big or too small!" 



"Hmm... what happened to Gurp?" said my mom. 


"She's too good at hide n' seek. But I promise to find her AND take super-duper good care of Fluffy," I said. 


"Okay, let's play a day with Fluffy. Then tonight, we can see if you're ready to keep her," said my mom, stepping out into the garden. 


"Sounds like a plan!" I said. 


I gobbled down my lunch. But, before I could grab my cookie, Fluffy licked it up!


"Oh, you must be hungry. Let's get you some lunch..." What did Fluffy's like though? I opened up the fridge to make a Fluffy sized sandwich.  




I turned around to find, that Fluffy was gobbling up all of my cookies in the cookie jar. 




"Uhu! No cookies before lunch!" I said, but I was too late. 


With a munch and a crunch, Fluffy finished off the rest of the cookies.  

That was just the start. Fluffy started to follow me EVERYWHERE. Into the bathroom, under my bed, outside. I didn't have a teensy-weensy

second alone.


 And she was so loud! Nothing I did helped. I tried shushing and hushing. Her "boops" turned into "boop shhs." I tried plugging my ears with my mom's earplugs. But those were too big. I tried going into my mom's office, where only super quite voices were allowed. Fluffy tiptoed into the room but her "boops" were still so very LOUD.


I can't take it! I ran outside with her close behind. Maybe if I ran far enough she'd give up.  That's when I found a second Fluffy! 



Fluffy One and Fluffy Two hit it off great. They BOOP'ed and BOPO'ed happily. 


"Fluffy One, would you like to stay here with Fluffy Two?" I said. 




"Great!" I ran off. 


At dinner, my mom asked, "So how was your day of play with Fluffy?" 


"A LOOOT of work. I don't think I am ready for a Fluffy pet. I think Gurp is the perfect pet for me right now, " I said, petting my  invisible air pet. 



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