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The Night I Was Santa

December 19, 2017


We moved to a new house today, 

It's super, duper far away. 


That's why the move I despise, 

Because what if Santa doesn't realize, 


And tries to deliver presents to an empty house. 

He'd miss out on cookies that looked like mickey mouse.


There'd be no presents under our new tree, 

For my parents and for me. 


My parents sound sad too,

They're looking over envelopes, rather blue. 

Those must be their Christmas letters,

That's it—I know how to make Christmas better!

This year, I'll be Santa Clause and bring Christmas here. 

But, I'm missing a sleigh and some reindeer, 


I won't fear! 

I can use my big dog to persevere!


All she needs is a pair of antlers and a shiny nose. 

Then, I need some Santa Clause clothes!






I tiptoed into my dad's closet, past his scratchy suits. 

I borrowed his big rubber boots. 


Then quicker than you could say banana boat,  

I grabbed my mother's comfy red coat. 


Last but not least, I need a beard. 

I'll use my cat, Mist, she volunteered. 

I looked at the emptiness on and under the tree. 

Where could I get ornaments and presents that were free?


With a skip and a hop
I ended up at my friend, Candice's block.


For a stick of gum, I got some old books. 

There was an Atlas,  a guy on a horse, and one about fishing hooks.


I met up with Penny, Jill, and Fey, 

Traded my old hats for a fluffy mat that was the color of a blue jay.


I raced across all of downtown

To find some cool acorns on the ground.


That Christmas Eve, while my parents were asleep, 

I snuck into the living room without making a peep. 


I hung my acorns like ornaments, and placed my presents under the tree. 

Then, I heard the buzzing of a little bumble bee. 

It got louder, then there was a whoosh and a chime. 

I ran around the tree in the nick of time.


A jolly old man stepped into view, 

It couldn't be true!


"Hoho, I have to give you a round of applause,"

"You're like a mini Santa Claus." 


 "But, you don't have to do it all by yourself," 

"My awesome little elf." 


"I'm here to help you along,"

"Hoho, we can even start singing a song."


That's how I spent the night,

Decorating with Santa Claus, hanging ornaments so bright. 

We laid out colorful gifts of all shapes and sizes, 

Full of all different surprises. 


The very best part?

Waking up to my parents smiles that were off the chart. 





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