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The Last Light

July 2, 2017








My hope, my friend, my light was dying. I cradled my light bulb in my hands.  It flickered on and off. Shadows danced on the walls of my tent, reminding me of the darkness that waited for my mini torch to go out.  


I plugged my bulb into my homemade generator.

"Come on, charge already." I cranked a couple nozzles and pushed a dozen buttons.


Finally, my small star buzzed brightly. The machine was supposed to charge my buddy...but it wasn't enough. It only charged it for a couple of hours. And every day I plugged it in, it charged for less and less time. 


I needed a replacement SOON. Which meant, I'd have to leave the safety of my warm tent and go out into the darkness. I hadn't left my tent in years, since I had my own light inside I had never needed to. Until now. 



Swallowing a lump of fear, I stepped out of my safe tent.



I walked away from my homemade generator, away from my purple sleeping bag, and away from my home.


It was just me, my mini sun, and the darkness. 



I walked. And I walked. Then, I walked some more. I looked anything that shined or  glowed. All the while, my little friend flickered and f l i c k e r e d.


I found only more darkness and dead light bulbs, the size of me. My shoulders slumped and my feet ached.  


"I give up!" I said into the darkness. It was time for me to go home. 


I started to head back, when my foot caught on the end of a large bulb. I fell face first into the dirt. My bulb fell and hit the ground. I held my breath waiting for the inevitable CRASH. 


But, my little friend survived the drop. I picked it up, it still shone bright. 


"Phew! I promise to never drop you again," I said hugging it.


I eyed the darkness, I didn't want to even think about how scary it would be in the darkness, away from home, and without a light. The darkness was thick too, like a fog. My little buddy was the only thing that pushed it away. 


I held it out, inspecting it. "Hmm, you've got a little crack. But, when we get home I'll patch you up in no time! A band-aid will do the trick." 


As I turned it around in my hands, it slipped through my fingers. 



My world went dark. 



I fumbled around, unsure of where to go and what to do. I fell again and this time I landed on one of the big light bulbs. It glimmered slightly at my touch. 


"Whoa. You do work!" 


I hugged it tight and it started to shine.




Overjoyed I ran to another unlit bulb and hugged it. It went bright too, and so did the next one and the next one.


Finally, my world was light again. 





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