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The End of Blah

January 31, 2018

In a world of blah and gray,

A monster named Ray,
Had enough of the dull day.


"Where's the color? Where's the fun?" 
"I want to run in all the colors under the sun!"


"Hush now, gray is best,"
Said Ray's mother, stressed.







Not wanting to worry her mother, 
Ray snuck out, past her and her little brother.


Out in the yard, she found a single petal. 
That was gold like a medal. 


But, as soon as she put the flower next to her tasty snack
In her adventurer's backpack. 




It turned to gray and dull.
"Oh, dratty seagull!" 


Refusing to give up,
She sped up


Her search. Looking under rocks and trees,
All she found were gray bumblebees. 






It was then that she bumped,
Into a bearded bug that was a big time grump.


"Excuse me, sir, you look wise." 
"Could you please advise,"


"On where I might find something colorful to spy?"
Quicker than a caffeinated fly,


The bug took off. 
With a rather loud cough. 


"Aw man, guess he couldn't stay," 
Ray, not wanting to give up, walked away. 


It was then that a blade of green grass caught her eye. 
"What luck!" she said, with a cry.


But as soon as she plucked it,
And put it in her bag, the color split.


Now it was gray and bland;
She just couldn't understand.


Why did the colors fade away?
All she wanted them to do was stay so she could play. 


Her tummy rumbled; it was getting late.
She could go for a nice hot plate, 


Of snickerpees and cheesypop. 
Up, up, up the steps to the house she hopped.


She came to a stop, 
When she spied an abandoned spinning top. 



It was red, and orange, with a streak of blue,
It looked like something that could be her mother's favorite hue.


Giving it one more go,
She picked it up, but this time didn't put it with her other backpack cargo.


Instead, she held it tight,
She called for her mom to come out for a delight.


Her mother rushed out, 
Not knowing what the call was all about.


"I've got a gift,"
Ray said giving the top a little lift. 


Her mom's eyes sparkled and shined. 
"You are too kind." 


It didn't lose its color when Ray gave it away, 
The top seemed to get more vibrant and started to sway. 


Her mother laughed and spun the top all around,
The gray ground. 



But then, something weird started. 
The sidewalk parted


In two and colors spread through.
Stripes of pink emerged, yellow, blue.


One by one the neighbors looked out, 
What they saw no longer made them pout. 


They ran out to play in the colors too, 
Spreading more colors faster than you can say, "Achoo!"


The dull days were gone, 
And the rainbow lived on. 

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