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Surviving Graduation: Day Twelve

October 27, 2017

*Note to self, running into the Librarian ranks up on one of the worst ways to spend an evening.


My hand came to a screeching halt above my pack. My bag started shaking. 


"You'll seriously eat her?" I said, replaying her words over in my head. "Even if she gives back your map?" 


Without missing a beat, Alice grabbed me (again) by the collar of my shirt. Her eyes bore into mine. 


"I don't eat anyone in this world. No one gets hungry in this place. Except for our human munching friends," she spat. She released her hold and rubbed her hands together. "And yes. Yes, I would cook the mutant. I get furious just thinking about that furball." 


I pinched the bridge of my nose, willing my stomach to rumble a little quieter. 



I was traveling with a psycho. 


I knew what I had to do. I'd make my escape and grab some of that delicious dinner I smelled earlier. Now all I needed was a distraction.


Telling her I needed to sleep was a stupid idea. With the amount of bags under her eyes, I doubted that she believed in the benefits of sleep. As we were walking, I spied a tower of books. 





We continued our silent march until I ran smack into the tower. 


The tower toppled with a crash. Dust and pages went flying. In the chaos, I managed to slip off my shoe and toss it under the tower. It was now buried. 


"What are you, an idiot?" hissed Alice, her head twitched from left to right. She crouched down. "We have to go, NOW." 


I pointed innocently at the pile of books. "I lost my shoe in there. Go ahead, I'll dig it out and catch up." 


"There's no time. Leave it," Alice pulled on my arm. "She's coming." 




"Are you daft? The librarian," Alice dropped her grip.  "I don't care if the firefly did shine its light on you--I've lived this long and I'm not going to risk it on you." Alice took off, disappearing into the shadows. 


Fluff poked her head out of my pack. I patted her. 


"Don't worry, crazy lady's gone." I pushed the books off of my shoe.


Yet, I couldn't seem to shake the gnawing in the pit of my stomach. Was she right about the Librarian coming? How was I supposed to know if she was close?


"You'll tell me if you see anything, right Fluff? Fluff?" I said, my voice breaking. 


I looked at my backpack. Fluff had dove to the bottom and was trembling. 




That's when I felt it. When I felt her. 




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