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Survival After Graduation, Day Two

June 21, 2017

*Note to self, stop making decisions based on your stomach. 


100 hours later

200 hours later

300 hours later



You hear that gurgle? It sounds like the muted roar of a dragon. Or it could be Cerberus, a giant three-headed dog from Hades.


Ha, I'm just playing. It's my stomach. I'm starving.


Gurgle. Gurgle. Gurgle. Gurgle.


Now, that was the sound of my delightful zombie friends that want to eat my brain.


Peeking through my boarded up window, I can't help but wonder...


Can I barter a piece of my brain for a good night's sleep?


Imagine for a second a snoring puppy. Cute right? Pick up that pooch and put them right next to your ear and have them snore. The cuteness meter drops a little. Now, have them grow to the size of your house. Their snores are definitely not cute anymore.





Unfortunately, when I get tired the cravings begin. It's like a beast awakens in my stomach. I'll devour pickles on cookies, fish on ice baked with pickles spread on top of a layer of cookies and topped with ice cream.


There's definitely a beast in my stomach.


I want...I need doughnuts and spicy chips. Both of which I could find at Holes Galore doughnut shop nestled in downtown.

I stuck my eye through the peek hole. Zombies. These undead buddies of mine are really killing my groove. What to do, what to do...

Option A:

Should I stay home and scavenge for leftovers? Although, the fridge looks just as scary as those zombies...


Option B:

Or should I brave the outside world in search of my doughnut and spicy chip prize?

I know you all can hear me...or something like that. Post below what you think I should do!


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Day One


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