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Survival After Graduation, Day Three

June 21, 2017

*Note to self, avoid the refrigerator at all costs. Don't you remember what happened last time?


I tore open the door to my house.


"Doughnuts here I come!"


Nothing could stop me. I plowed through the zombie horde like a football player running with the ball. Zombies were sent flying. 


Nothing would keep my doughnuts from me.


Except for that sidewalk curb, my arch nemesis. I tripped, falling into the greedy arms of my undead friends. It was Thanksgiving, and I was the turkey. I shuddered, my doughnut daydream exploded into a million pieces. I stepped away from the peephole.


"Aw, Peanutbrittle! No doughnuts for me today."


An unholy grumble came from the pit of my stomach.


"Fine. Fine. I'm sure there's some leftovers in the fridge, somewhere."


I sauntered over to the kitchen.




I teetered to a stop at the kitchen doorway. What was that noise?


"Mom, is that you?" I held my breath, listening for something...anything. Not a peep.

Biting my lip, I dragged my left foot into the kitchen.  I didn't really need toes. If there were zombies or monster moms in my kitchen, I'd rather they munch on those than my face.


Sweat formed on my brow. I could hear every second tick by on my watch. It took every shred of self control I had to not chuck it across the room.


A full minute finally passed (it felt like hours). Good news! I still have my foot...I think. Bad news, I still don't know what's growling.

Peeking in, I silently try to will whatever may lurk in my kitchen not to attack. I'm quite fond of my face. I looked around.


Nothing. Zilch. Zip.


Not a plate was out of place in my kitchen. Except...are refrigerators supposed to have big eyes and teeth?




The fridge leapt toward me.


"Eeek!" I dove to the left.


For good measure, I kept my distance from the coffee maker too. Who's to say my beloved coffee machine wouldn't jump me next?


My stomach growled, again.



"Aw man." I put my hands up. "Look I just want some food. You can spare a slice of week old pizza, right?" I inched toward the fridge.



"Easy, girl. It's just a slice"


The fridge threw open its top half, the freezer. A sudden gust of cold wind swept me off my feet.


"Whoa! Wait a second!"


It dragged me toward the freezer.


"I take it back! Keep your pizza!"


The fridge was unimpressed with my negotiation tactics. Within another minute I was sucked into the freezer.

It was like I had been teleported to the Arctic. Standing in waist deep snow, I instantly regretted my clothing choices.  A tank with shorts and flip flops may have made the cut in California, but here? Not a chance.


What to do...what to do…


Option A:

There's a fire further up on the side of the mountain. Since hypothermia isn't appealing, I think I should make my way as fast as possible to the warmth. The only problem is, I don't know who or what else is up there.


Option B:

I've had one too many weird encounters today. I can't risk exposing myself to whatever creature started the fire. I'll push through the hypothermia and find another option. Maybe there's an abandoned cabin out here?

Post what you think I should do below!


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