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Survival After Graduation, Day Nine

July 24, 2017

*Note to self, there's a reason your parents tell you to never talk to strangers. 


I chased after Fluff's yelps. 


Books the size of buildings unfolded in front of me, like a pop-up book. Some leaned precariously against each other and others were propped open like a tent with their bindings facing the sky. 


I skidded to a halt. My stomach did somersaults. Sweat speckled my palms and forehead. I hadn't felt this nauseous since my first day in my freshman year of high school.  Why? 


I'll let this quick video explain. 

 "Give it back, you abhorrent beast! I must, must study it." 


I jumped at the shrill voice. Whoever was chasing Fluff meant business or at least was annoying to scare Fluff. 


Fluff darted across my feet. She clung on to a long, scrap of paper. Spotting me, Fluff swung behind my leg and scampered up my back and dove into my pack. 


"You bring it back right now you imp, or I'll fry you for dinner!" A person in black robes ran by like they didn't see me. 


I crossed my fingers, hoping that it would be the end of that. Of course, my luck's not that good. The hooded figure doubled back and headed towards me. I fought with my legs, they wanted to run but if I did they'd only think that I had Fluff. As of right now, they had no clue where the devil the little creature was. 


The person's hands clamped on my shoulders, with enough force to leave bruises. 


"You! Have you seen a little demon?" she cried.


I shook my head vigorously. "Me? Nope. Not in the least." 


She linked arms with me. "Then we'll investigate together. That vermin has to be around The Great Library. Let's check the Student Tears, it's a little past the Ink Pit." 


Alright, I need some advice, big eye in the sky. 


Option A: 

Before making any rash decisions I should figure out who this person is, where I am, and what Fluff took. I'll follow her until I get some answers. 


Option B: 

There's nothing you could tell me to make me want to stay with this psycho. I'm getting away ASAP.



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