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Survival After Graduation, Day Eight

June 20, 2017

I inched toward my toy chest. My hands were sticky with sweat.


That giant firefly kept staring at me. Smug bastard. I hate bugs. 


The chest looked familiar, I felt like I had opened it dozens of times...But I never had a toy chest as a child.


There was a name written with crayon on top of the chest.


"That's not my name!" 


The void said nothing.


"Were you expecting someone else?" I said following up with the darkness.


I almost laughed aloud the second I said it. To think someone would make something for someone else with the hope they'd get sucked into a freezer, chased by zombies, and fall through the ice...It was almost absurd enough that it sounded true.


Shaking my head, I reached for the chest, keeping my eye on the giant bug hovering a couple feet above it. I popped open the chest.


I expected something big. Something grand. 


Instead, there was a plastic, magic eight ball. I rattled it around, there was nothing particularly special about it.


"What do you want me to do with this?"


No reply. What a big surprise.


The firefly ruffled its antennas and flew off.


I was alone, again. Just me, an eight ball, and three different sets of glowing footprints. I kind of missed that big bug already.


What to do...


I eyed my new toy skeptically.


"Should I follow the path on the right?" I shook my plastic fortune cookie.


Seven cups of coffee are perfect for scaled friends. 


"Alright, I'll take that as a no. How about the middle path?"


The muffin man likes his mellows over his marsh.


"Will you ever make sense?" I said, shaking the thing harder.


Only to smart people when drinking a cup of tea. 


I threw the thing into the darkness. That's when I heard Fluff's whimpering coming from the path on the left.  


Just as I was about to head off toward's Fluff a glowing sign popped up on the right path.


What to do... Post below in the comments which option you think I should take. I’ll act on whatever option gets the most votes.


Option A:

I'm no monster. I'll save Fluff and then come back and head for home.


Option B:

I saved Fluff once and look where it got me. I'm in a black pit with giant bugs, the stuff of nightmares. So long Fluff! I'm heading home and taking the right path.

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