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How I Got 3 Pet Unicorns

March 26, 2018



I fell into a puddle and to my surprise,

I went through it! Tumbling out of the sky,

into a giant pumpkin pie, oh my!



I swam around in the tasty treat,

Until I found a slide on the side. 

Oh boy, was it a wild ride!





I slid into three unicorns, narrowly dodging their horns.

"Sorry," I said, between lots of laughter and lots of hugs. 

"Dooon't fret," they said. "Instead, heeeelp us get rid of these icky slugs."





Slugs tumbled from the sky onto a teddy bear.

The unicorns stomped about, "Our toy!" they whined. 

"Get them off! You're supposed to be the mastermind."




Even with a pinch, they wouldn't move an inch. 

There was no amount of pulling I could do, 

The varmints stuck to the toy like super glue!








I yelled, trying anything to move the slugs.

It worked! They turned gray and slithered away.

"Hip-hooraaaay!"  said the unicorns with a neigh.






"Oh boy, it's been fun, but I gotta run!

My stomach's telling me it's dinner time,

I'm so hungry I could eat a slimy lime!"





The three unicorns cried mortified. 

"We don't waaant you to gooo, oh no!

 Stay and plaaay with us in the snooow!"



I had a brilliant idea. 

"Why don't you come with me?" I said.

"My parents will feed you lots of bread!"





We all reappeared back home. 

Now, won't my parents be surprised

To see unicorns, twice their size?



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