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Weekend's Over | Day 111

July 1, 2019


 The door swung open and another pink creature poked its head out. "The doorbell has been rung!" it said, it's face paling. "The weekend is over, Vivi." 



Nova looked around curiously. Nothing seemed any different. "What does that mean-"


An ear-piercing alarm interrupted Nova mid sentence. Nova clamped her hands over her ears, but it didn't help the noise. Both of the pink critters started to shake. The sound soon subsided and Nova cautiously removed her hands from her ears.  


"What was-" Nova was interrupted again. But this time it was the sound of running. 


A stampede of creatures gushed from the door.


"Whoa!" Nova said, swept away in a sea pink and purple.


As she was carried away she saw the castle start to deflate. She was carried past vibrant flowers that were digging holes to hid in. She saw the purple clouds blown away by angry looking gray clouds. Finally she managed to untangle herself from the crowd and watched as they all ran into the distance. 


"Phew," she said, relieved to have escaped. 


A hand shot out, grabbing her shoulder and pulling her into a nearby bush. She came face to face with another pink critter hiding under a sheet, with two eye holes cut out. 


"Shhh," she said to Nova.


"Why are we in a bush?" whispered Nova. 


"Because," said the critter even quieter. "You don't want to be out there. Super definitely not right now..." 


That's when Nova saw the gray monsters start to march towards their hiding place.


To be continued...
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