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The secret knock | Day 110

June 28, 2019


Nova's stomach let out a loud growl. 


"Wowzie! You are hungry," said Vivi. "We gotta get you to the banquet on the double!" She grabbed Nova's hand and started running.


"I don't-know-how-far-I-can-run-like-this," said Nova, already panting and out of breath. "And-I-really-got-to-look-for-my-friend-Puff." 


"Don't worry a bit! We won't run for too long. Soon we're going to bounce!" said Vivi, pushing forward.  


"Bounce?" said Nova.


"Yuppers!" Her new friend said. Then, she pushed Nova forward and face-first into a huge marshmallow that popped up from the ground. 


"Whoooa!" said Nova. She bounced off the marshmallow and flew up high, through the puffy purple clouds in the sky



 Then, she started to fall.


Down. Down. Down to the ground. 


 She landed and bounced on another marshmallow that had sprung from the ground. She bounced and bounced and bounced. As more and more marshmallows started to appear. She didn't stop bouncing until she landed into a pink liquid that surrounded the castle.


"What is this?" She shouted to Vivi, who was still a ways behind. Curious, as to what the liquid was, she took a sip. Pink lemonade! Yum. All that bouncing had made her thirsty. So she took a couple more sips. To her surprise, she sank more in the lemonade with every sip.


"Don't drink it!" shouted her pink buddy. 


It was too late. Nova was sinking into the lemonade. 

Splashing about Nova tried to stop sinking, but she couldn't. 


"Grab hold!" Vivi landed on the other side of the moat. She tossed Nova a person-sized donut tied with a bendable licorice. 


Nova clung on and was pulled to shore. 


"Easy-peasy right?" said Vivi, giving her a high-five. "Just don't drink the lemonade next time."


"Okay," said Nova casting a backwards glance at the lemonade. It was then that Nova noticed her hand had changed color. "My hand!" Nova said, jumping in surprise. "It's all pink!"

Her buddy nodded. "Yuppers. That lemonade's pretty awesomeposum, right? As long as you don't slurp it up," she said, giggling. "Now we're pink buddies!" she said throwing arm around Nova. She steered Nova to the front door.  Her face soured and she tapped her foot. "What was that secret knock..."


"Is it super complicated?" said Nova curiously peering at the door. While the castle towered above, the door looked like a normal small house door, just in the color pink. It even had a doorbell on the side. "We can just ring the doorbell," she said reaching for the button.


"Noppers!" Vivi held out her arms, wide, blocking the doorbell. "We don't ring doorbells here. Going back to the secret knock, it's hard to remember because it changes often. Let's see...what was it?" 


I sneezed, it was a take your socks off your feet achooo! I went flying back and hit the doorbell that no one was supposed to use. 


My buddy's face paled. "Uhu...This won't be fun, nope not at all." she said. 


To be continued...
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