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No Sleep Please!

June 3, 2019


"Calling all explorers, it's bedtime!" my mom said. 

"No sleep please! I gotta stay awake! There's so many adventures to do and places to see. I haven't climbed Mount Gumball yet or found a Bearfly," I said. 


"Trust me, bedtime is an adventure," my mom said, with a twinkle in her eye. "Let's go take a bath." 


A bedtime adventure that starts in the bath? No way! Baths were super duper not fun and definitely not for adventurers.


But to my surprise, when I stepped into the bathtub it started to grow. It SQUEAKED and CREAKED into a boat! Just in time too! Huge waves crashed through the bathroom door. The boat and I floated right out the door! Outside the door wasn't our living room but an ocean with a bright sky .


"Arrg! Now I'm a pirate sailing the seas!" I said.  


 While I was sailing, I made friends with a purple whale. She wanted to tag along, and sing a couple piratey songs. We sang about pirates, gold and mermaids until our voices were tired. 

"Are you ready for bed?" the purple whale said. 


"Not yet!" I said. 


"Okay then, next stop Mount Gumball! Let's swing the boat to the right and you'll see an island with the mountain up ahead," said the purple whale.


Just like she said, the island appeared and if you looked hard enough you could see the big candy mountain.



Up, up, up, I climbed. Phew this is hard work! I started to yawn and my hand slipped on gumball. I almost fell off, but a Bearfly caught my arm and flew me up.


"Thanks a bunch for helping, " I said, when we reached the top.


The Bearfly smiled, "Anytime!" she said. "Do you want to check out my cave of blankets? It's where I like to close my eyes. Then I can go on adventures in dreamland all night." 


I yawned again. Going on adventures in dreamland sounded like a lot of fun. Then in the morning there will be plenty more exploring and adventuring to be done. 


*Nova: I  hope you enjoyed this little story that I wrote! I just got into the world of Weekend and with all the cool things to see and do, I'm trying to not sleep too. 

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