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Welcome to Weekend! | Day 109

May 24, 2019



Nova and Ducky zipped through the waves. Ducky's feet paddled faster than a motor, and Nova was doing everything possible to hold on. Then, just like that, they CRASHED onto dry land.


Nova's face hit pink, soft sand. Her eyes widened. 


"What is this?"


She sat up, and scooped up a handful sand. But, it wasn't sand at all, it was fluffy like cotton candy. Nova sniffed it, it smelled sweet. Her stomach growled, she hadn't had dinner at the previous world. 


"What do you think, Ducks? Is it edible?" 


There was no response from Ducky. Ava turned around and saw her friend gobbling up the cotton candy like sand. Ava's stomach growled louder. 


"I suppose one small bite wouldn't hurt..."


She sniffed it again for good measure, and then stuck her tongue out to give it a little lick. Her tongue was submerged in sweetness. 


"Wow, this is amazers!" Nova popped the rest into her mouth.  "Yuuum," she said, munching it. 


"STOP that!" said a pink creature, marching into view. Her two antennas bouncing up and down as it walked toward Ava. 


Ducky scampered over to Nova and hopped into her backpack. Nova jumped up, dusting off her hands. 


"Opps, I didn't realize the ground wasn't for eating," said Nova, with a nervous smile. 


The pink creature put her hands to her hips. "It's not," she said, scowling. "Unless you have a buffet to go with it!" A giant smile broke out on her pink face. "Welcome stranger to Weekend! The party's just getting started." She grabbed Nova's hand and dragging her down a bubble gum path toward a huge pink castle.


It kind of looked like big bounce house that just so happened to be in the shape of a castle.


"Ps. my name's Vivi," she said, without bothering to ask about Nova's name. 


It looked amazing all looked awesome! But whether it was the hunger or something else Nova felt her knot begin to form in her stomach...




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