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SPLASH | Day 108

May 20, 2019

The waves slammed into Nova's makeshift tea cup boat. 


"Awe, come on, not now!" Nova shouted to the sky.


This storm couldn't have come at a worse time. She was out in the middle of Nowhere, the place between worlds. To top it off she was in a makeshift boat, made from an over-sized yellow tea cup and she was all alone. Her best friend, travel buddy, and lover of food, Puff, wasn't here. She had disappeared in the last world. That's why she was on a homemade boat traversing Nowhere in the gray season. She had to find her friend... Wherever she had gone.





Up and down Nova and her cup bobbed in the waves. Nova clung to the cup with one hand and the other gripped her backpack. 



Nova looked to her left then her right and then she found the sources of the sound. A gap had formed in her cup. It was growing bigger, bigger, and bigger fast. She quickly remembered what a friend from one of the first worlds she had traveled to, had given her. She pulled out a stick of bubble gum from her pocket. the prickly cloud, gave her at one of the first worlds she traveled to. Her friend had said it would help stick the right thing back together...Would it work for her cup?


"Here's hoping this helps!"


Nova was just about to pop the piece of gum in her mouth when-CRACK. The entire side of the cup burst open. There was no fixing that, she slipped the piece of gum back into her pocket. Gurgle, plurgle, flurgle, the water was rising fast!


It was then that Nova spotted an island off in the distance. 


"Quack!" The noise came from her backpack. 

"You're absolutely right, Ducky. We'll swim for it," said Nova. 


She pulled out a quacking, rubber duck from her backpack. 



 "Are you ready to go, Ducky?" Nova swallowed her rising nerves. "Let's go swimming then!"


To be continued...




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