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The First Mermaid

February 21, 2018


There once was a girl, Marina, who liked to fish.

So, she made a simple wish.


She wanted a life that was wild and free. 

Like her friends, she chased in the fields, the bumblebees.


If she could play all day under the sun, 

Oh boy, wouldn't that be fun?







Tug. Tug. Tug. Went the line on her fishing pole.

It felt like it was being pulled by a troll. 


She slipped into the water with a splash,

And a crash! 


Down. Down. Down.  She fell.

Like a heavy seashell. 


She gasped in wonder and delight, 

And also in fright. 


There were bunches of strange fish as far as she could see.

They hustled around without a care in the world; they were free. 


It was great to see all the treasures around. 

Unfortunately, air bubbles were nowhere to be found. 



A big whale swam up to her. "Hello, friend! I can spare a set of fresh gills.

I just need you to help me find my precious unicorn pills." 


Marina nodded. 

"Oh goody!"  The whale put the gills on the girl, and away she plodded. 


Marina giggled, "I'm finally free! 

Free like my dear friends the bees!" 

She exclaimed with glee. 





She looked under rocks,

She searched in boxes. 


With no pills to be found, she was getting quite worn down. 

 "You there! Don't frown." 


Startled the girl turned around and came face to face with a grumpy old clam. 

"I don't think you understand..."


"I understand just fine.
So there's no reason to whine."


"You're looking for unicorn pills right?"

"Yes!" said the little girl with delight. 


"I can give them to you,

If you help me find a canoe." 


"I can help you do that, "Marina replied. 

"Great! Here are the unicorn pills, and take this fish tail," said the clam with pride.


"I crocheted the tail myself,

So take care of it little, swimming elf." 


Wiggling it on, it fit snug.

"Thank you!" said Marina, turning to give her a hug.


But the clam was gone. 

"Huh, guess she had to run on." 


Marina swam around,

Looking for a canoe that seemed like it was nowhere to be found.

But, she didn't let that get her down. 


She had a tail and gills, 

She could swim wherever she willed. 


Marina giggled, "I'm finally free!" 

 Free like my dear friends the bees!" 

She exclaimed with glee. 


She wasn't paying attention, and smacked right into a purple shark,

Who let out a loud and noisy BARK!


She gasped in surprise and tried to swim away, 

But the shark caught up with her and blocked her pathway.

"Easy now deary, I won't make you into a souffle.

I just want to know where you're off to today." 


"I'm looking for a canoe." 

"Is it blue?"


"Maybe?" Marina said with a shrug.

"I might have seen something little further up above," said the shark, giving her a hug. 


"Now, if you ever get sick, come find me, I'm a nurse shark,

And I live around this little seaweed park." 


"Thanks!" Marina swam up ahead, 

And found a canoe floating on the surface, it was red. 

She spied a tiny head,


It was another girl looking out,

And she was wearing a pout. 



"Hi, my name's Marina, what's yours?

"It's Coral, and I like bugs and dinosaurs." 


"Nice to meetcha," said Marina, with a playful flick of her tail. 

"Whoa!" Coral said and coughed. "How'd you get a tail with tons of scales?


"It's a long story,

But it's not really gory."


Cough. Cough. Cough. Cough. Cough. Cough. Cough. Cough.

"Easy now," said Marina, "it sounds like your heads going to come off." 


"I'm sick,

Too sick to do arithmetic."


An idea popped into Marina's brain. 

Staying there like a stain.


"There's a nurse shark ten feet below.

If you swim down, you'll find her, I know." 



"But I can't swim."

Coral said, rather grim. 


Marina hopped in the boat,

It wobbled to stay afloat. 


"Don't worry I'll help you out.

There's no need to pout."


She gave Coral her tail and gills.

"This'll help you swim down to get pills,


"From the nurse shark,

Don't worry she's nicer than an aardvark." 


"But," said Coral. "I can't take your cool gifts.

They're yours and make you an awesome fish."


"Yes, you can. That's my new wish." 


Coral gave her a hug.

"You're cooler than a unicorn bug."


Coral swam away,

And Marina has never seen her again, even to this day.



That's okay because Marina is busy playing with the bees. 

She doesn't really miss the sea. 

She just misses feeling free. 


On land, she has lots of chores,

And she often has to help her neighbor out with yard work next door. 


What if she made another wish today?

Could she become a bird and fly away?



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