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The Dream

January 15, 2018

For as long as I can recall,


I wake up when the sun sets,

When all the city rests. 


I never went to school to learn about hypertext transfer protocol. 

Or played with neighborhood kids baseball.


I skidded into the kitchen on a small rug. 


"Mom, I want to play catch and fly a kite." 

"Why can't I wake up when it's light?"



My mom gave me a kiss and a hug.

"Don't pay it any mind, my little bug."


I hung on my mom's arm as she made two cups of tea. 


"But you look so sleepy." 

"If I could wake up in the day, I promise I won't be weepy." 


My mom handed me my mug, "My little chickpea." 

"Don't worry about that. Instead, tonight let's and play in the sea!"  


I danced up and down. 


"I'll grab the beach toys!" 

I raced to the closet, making lots of happy noise. 


After a minute or two, I began to frown. 

My mom helped me grab some plastic buckets, "Why are you down?" 


"You still haven't told me why." 


"Look there's a shooting star." My mom led me outside,

There we watched three falling stars mystified. 


Then, I started to cry. 

My mom picked me up and held me tight, "Why the sad eyes?"


"You still won't tell me..." 


"Am I sick?" 

"Or is waking up at night all a trick?" 


My mom sighed then began to tell the tale.

"I remember it all without fail."


"It started on a summer's day."


"Years ago I fell asleep under an apple tree."

"There I met a child as sweet as could be."  


"And we would play,"

"Hide n seek, and dinosaur keep away."


"I couldn't let her go, and she didn't want to leave. Little bee, you're my dream." 


I pondered it for a moment or two, 

Without getting blue. 


"But what does this all mean?"

"If I'm a dream, why can I still eat ice cream?" 

"And am I still your little jelly bean?"

"Forever and always."


"I'll stay up every night."

"Because you are my daylight." 

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