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Just Right

July 7, 2017


A little pink flower named Daisy stretched in her pot. Her leaves unfurled as she yawned.


The store bell chimed as customers, with coffee in hand, shuffled into the Sophie's Plant Nursery. It was the same kind of morning it had always been. Daisy was picked up and set back down a dozen of times. Children ran in and out of the shop every ten minutes, like clockwork.

It was the same, but not for long.


She was in the middle of the same daydream she always had. In her daydream she was walking and skipping about outside of her pot and far outside of Sophie's Plant Nursery. Daisy's daydream was interrupted by a shout.


"Whoa!" said Daisy's friend, a miniature rose bush named Rosie.


She was picked up by one of the customers.She wasn't set back down. Instead, the customer walked with her toward the register.


"Wait, where are you going?" said Daisy.


"To my habitat!" exclaimed Rosie, gleefully.


"What's a habitat?" shouted back Daisy as Rosie was carried away.


"It's a home, that's just right for you! Not too hot, not too cold, just right!" With that, Rosie and the customer went out of the shop.


Daisy leaned out her pot. She wanted to find a place that was just right too. But, the tiled floor of the shop looked cold. Outside the wind started to howl. It was too scary for a little flower to leave.


The wind threw open the shop window. An orange bug was pushed into the shop. It was the most beautiful critter Daisy had ever seen. The orange beauty landed on Daisy for just a second before she headed back outside.


"Whoa. What was that?" said Daisy. Her leaf was still warm and tingly from where the bug landed. She had never felt that kind of warmth.


The old sage bush across the way chuckled. "Why my dear, that was a butterfly."



"I want to find butterflies. Where can I find them?"


"In your habitat," said the old sage bush.


"How do I get there, and how do I know when I'm there, and what if I can't find it and-"


The old sage bush interrupted Daisy. "Settle down now. You'll have to leave the shop to find it. When you get there, you'll know. It'll be just right," she said, ruffling her leaves.


Hesitantly, Daisy stuck one root out of her pot and then another.


"This isn't so bad," Daisy said, doing a jig.


"No, it isn't. Now, run along before the humans see you. And Daisy... good luck," said the old sage.


Daisy waved goodbye as she slipped out of the shop's front door. Her petals trembled as the wind hit her. It almost blew her back a couple of feet. Another gust of wind blew her into the air! She flew around until she latched onto the handle of a colorful moving object the humans called a car and she was off.


Several bumpy hours later, Daisy let go of the car and tumbled into hot sand.


"Phew!" she said, fanning herself with her leaves.


She felt like she was burning. Even the critters buried under the ground to escape the heat.

"This place's too hot! Definitely not, not, not my habitat," she exclaimed, to a nearby cactus.


She heard the loud roar of a four-wheeled object a human was riding. Sprinting after the machine as fast as she could, she managed to hook onto the back. After a while, the humans attached the four-wheeled thing to an even bigger and browner machine. They called the brown thing an RV. She called it Big Dirt.


She waved goodbye to the sandy oven. Daisy yawned and curled up on the end of the Big Dirt. "The next place has got to be the right place for me," she mumbled, sleepily.


Daisy woke up covered in snow.


"Brr!" she said, shaking it off. She prepared to jump off the Big Dirt and slipped off of it instead. "Omph!" she landed in a pile of snow.

"Too cold! Too cold! This place is definitely not my habitat." Daisy wiggled out of the ice and then fell into even more.


"I give up!" Daisy shouted at the pile of snow. "I'll never find a home that's just right."


A tiny girl bundled up like a snowman waddled up to Daisy.


"Buttafly," she said, smiling with her two front teeth. She set a plastic butterfly on Daisy's petals. The ran back into the snow to join a pack of children.


Daisy hugged the plastic butterfly.


"Alright, I'll try one more time," said Daisy.


Butterfly in hand, Daisy began her voyage again. She pulled herself out of the snow, and  caught a ride on a furry brown creature that kept mumbling something about honey. Then she shared a seat with a toy space ranger in one of those cars. The sun was peeking out from a long night's slumber when Daisy said "adieu" to the space ranger and jumped out of the car.


Then she walked.

And walked.


And walked some more.


It wasn't until she stood on the hillside by the ocean that she stopped.Her little roots ached. She plopped down and dug her roots into the cool soil.


"Ahh," she said, sighing.


Her eyes shut and she was soon fast asleep. The warmth of tiny legs on her petals woke her up. Opening her eyes, she was face to face with a beautiful orange butterfly.


"A butterfly!" she giggled.


Her journey had paid off. She had found a place where the breeze tickled her and where the sun warmed her. She wiggled her roots deeper into the dirt.


This place was just right.



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