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Survival After Graduation, Day Six

June 20, 2017


Within the blink of an eye, I stood face to face with a makeshift sign made out of a plank of wood.


I scratched my head, looking back at Fluff. My little abominable friend was rolling around by my feet. The mountain we left was a speck behind me. Did I make that much progress? I hadn't the faintest recollection of doing it. The cold must be messing with my head.


A couple yards ahead was a flashing sign.


Easy enough, I just had to cross a frozen lake to get there. Goosebumps tickled the back of my neck. I could do this, right? All I had to do was inch my way across the ice. Without thinking about all of the movies where ice brakes...Nope, not even going to go there.


"Alright Fluff, let's get going."


Fluff bounded by my side and slid onto the ground.


I wish I had her courage. I took one step. Two steps. Three steps. My legs slid out from under me. I smacked my face on the lake.


"Owe." The ice burned my face. I noticed then that I was face to face with zombies frozen under the ice. "Eek!" I leaped up. I fought my gag reflex. There must be hundreds of decayed zombies under the lake.


"Fluff! What is this place?" I said, my voice nearing hysteria. Just like before in the cave, Fluff ignored me.

Instead, she motioned for me to keep moving forward, pointing to the home sign for extra emphasis. I took a deep breath.


I could do this.

I had to do this.


Home wasn't coming to me.


One step. Two steps. Three steps. Four steps. This wasn't so bad. I just need to keep my focus on the sign. On home. Soon, I could be in my house under my super fuzzy blanket, sipping hot tea, and binge watching my favorite tv shows. One more step. Two more steps. Three more steps.



The ground moved under me. Freezing water wrapped around my heels. I felt a zombie's hand touch my ankles. I scampered and slid across the ice. Unfortunately, I couldn't run fast enough.

The cracks jumped ahead of me and opened the ice like a giant bag of chips.


Without much thought, other than the fear that pounded in my ears, I jumped over the water. Half of my body landed on the ice. The other half was dangling in the water. Fluff pulled at my arms, and I clawed the surface like my life depended on it.


Finally, I made it out. My teeth chattered, and my body shook. I kept my focus on the home sign.


"Fluufffff, lelelets gogoo."



The worst was over...or so I thought.


The lake snapped under Fluff. I'd have to act now to save Fluff from being swallowed by the water.


Should I save her? I need your help! What should I do? (Post below in the comments and I'll act on whatever option gets the most votes.)

Option A:

Help her! She got me this far, I owe it to her. Besides, I'm not heartless...

Option B:

Sorry, Fluff. I've gotta get home. If you were me, you'd understand. Besides...maybe you can swim?

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