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Survival After Graduation, Day Seven

June 20, 2017

I could have sworn I heard my mother's voice in my head.


"Don't you dare leave Fluff!"


Regretting my choice before I even made it, I sprinted towards my newfound friend.



I snatched up Fluff and ran like mad towards land.



One moment I was on top of the ice and the next moment I was under. The water was so cold it burned. I tried clawing my way up but something dragged me under.


Hundreds of dead zombie hands were wrapped around my body. They felt like wet tissue. I flailed like a fish.

But, I couldn't escape.


Eventually, I slammed my head against something hard. Everything went black.

I awoke to a throbbing headache. My legs wobbled underneath me as I tried to stand. I hit the floor a second later with my knees.


"Ow." My voice was hoarse like it had gone unused for weeks.


At least there was firm ground under me. Firm ground and darkness. I reached out, blindly groping around in the dark for something, anything. 


Nothing. I peered out into the pitch blackness, trying (in vain) to activate some superhuman night vision skill.

It didn't work.



"Fluff!" I said, my voice cracking at the edges. I manged to stand again. "Fluff!" I said, again.


"Hehe," came a child's voice.


I whirled around.


"Who's there?" I tried to maintain my composure.


"Do you want to play?" said the voice.


All of the horror movies I've watched flashed before my eyes.



Wanting to live, at least until my next meal, I ventured a squeaky, "yes."


"Really? Woohoo! I'm happier than a cat in a tornado!"


If I wasn't so scared, I would have laughed. 



"Did you know that you're the first one to say that? The others were mean. Bad things happened to them."


My giggles evaporated.


Glowing footprints appeared in front of me. They walked off in three separate directions. They left glowing marks in their path.



Which set of tracks should I follow?


Right on cue, like a scene carefully planned from a movie director, a firefly the size of a horse flew in.


"Whoa!" I ducked, the giant insect's sticky feet grazed my head. I stayed crouched and slowly backed away, hoping it hadn't seen me.


The bug stopped and its light revealed a wooden toy chest off in the distance. The bug stared at me, almost like it was inviting me to come forward.


"Well, what are you waiting for? Aren't you going to play with me? I brought your toy chest and everything," said the voice from the darkness.


I need your help! Post below in the comments which option you think I should take. I’ll act on whatever option gets the most votes.

Option A:

There's no way I'm going anywhere near a giant bug that could eat my face. Besides, it's not wise to listen to a creepy voice coming from nowhere. I better book it out of here.

Option B:

How much damage could one giant firefly do? I'm better off listening to this voice and going towards the toy chest.



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