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Survival After Graduation, Day Five

June 20, 2017

I was about to tackle the cute, fluffy abominable snowman for my abominable burger recipe when my mother's advice rang out in my ears.

Never eat an abominable snowman without ketchup. 


As usual, she was right. I hastily re-pocketed my fork.



"Here you are, Fluff"


(Fluff was my new name for the tiny, fluffy abominable snowman.) I pulled off and held out my mother's necklace. A golden, little thank you to my new friend (who I wasn't going to eat).


I'd miss it. But, I had dozens more of them. My mom gave me one every time I was dumped, failed a class, had to take out another school loan, or picked last for tee-ball (that was back in kindergarten, don't ask, it was a rough time).  Her necklaces were the universal cheer up gifts that covered my dresser.


At least Fluff appreciated it. She held it up like it was the Holy Grail of Student Loan Forgiveness. When she put it on, she took off like she was the happiest abominable snowman in the world

...or like she had just downed a pharmacy of drugs.



I could have watched her bounce around for hours, except I was really starting to miss home. Not the applying for jobs since I'm a recent graduate part, but the sitting at the table with my family, laughing with my brother part.


I jumped around like a Pogo Stick trying to get Fluff's attention. I ran to the nearest Viking and grabbed her blow horn and blew it. I became a one woman drum line and then tried shouting like an overly enthusiastic soccer parent.

Out of breath and out of energy, I tried one last ditch effort to get a hold of Fluff.


I threw myself onto the little gal and managed to catch her underneath my hand.


"Fluff!" I said, panting and sweating. "Do you know how I can get home?"


Fluff ducked out of my grip and ran straight into an oddly shaped wall rock. A wall in the cave groaned open. She motioned for me to follow her in.


I stepped into the dark passageway, my eyes gradually adjusting.


There were mountains of thick winter jackets, gloves, boots, and pants.


"Fluff, how many people have been here?"


I picked up a jacket and slid it on. I wanted to be picky and find out the previous owner of the clothes before I put them on. But, I was too cold to argue, the fire's warmth didn't reach this room. Soon I had the whole ensemble of winter clothes on.


Fluff didn't answer my question. Instead, she pulled up a portable radio. 


I took the radio and lightly shook it.



Nothing but static.


Except...It could have been my imagination but I could have sworn I heard the garbled words,

don't go


in between the static.


I've got a choice to make, which means I need your help! Comment below on which choice you think I should make. I'll act on the choice with the most votes.


Option A:

I don't want to disappear and leave my clothes behind in this icy deathtrap, like the others before me. I'm going stay here, possibly nap, and demand answers from Fluff. I need to know what I'm up against before I go out.

Option B:

Home's calling my name, and like every grand explorer (that may have died before me) I will answer it! Icy wilderness, prepare to be conquered.

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