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Scary ≠ Bad

June 20, 2017


There were dozens of ghosts roaming Darci's street. As usual, Darci was peeking out at them from the window in the front room of her house and wishing they weren't there.

One of the taller ghosts looked across the street at Darci.


"Eek!" Darci dove to the floor.


She inched across her carpet like a sneaky caterpillar. She yanked the cord to the blinds. The curtains tumbled down, covering the window.


"Phew. That was too close."

Rumble. Rumble


Darci's patted her stomach. "Okay, okay, I guess it's late enough to be dinner."

She mosied over to her fridge and opened it. Her fridge looked like it recently experienced a nuclear fallout. It was a barren wasteland. With a couple weird looking stains in the corner and crumbs of food that were transforming into mold creatures.


"Aw man," defeated and hungry, Darci trudged over to her bedroom closet.

She would have to go outside.
With the ghosts.


She cringed as she pulled out her makeshift disguise. A bed sheet with two black marker dots for eyes.

It was the best she had.


Peering through a bed sheet was like looking through sunglasses dipped in mud. Still, Darci managed to navigate the grocery store across the street. Her heart thudded loudly in her chest.



Could the ghosts hear how loud her heartbeat was? Was that why some of them stared?


Darci let out a sigh of relief as she grabbed her brown bag, piled high with food, from the ghost cashier.

The hardest part was over! All she had to do now was get out of the store, cross the street, and she'd be home free.

The bushes on display outside the store had other plans.


Her bed sheet caught on the plant's branches.


Caught by the plant nursery, Darci tumbled headfirst into a ghost. Her bed sheet flew off into the bushes.

The ghost she had taken down lost their ghostliness. It was a regular person with a sheet like hers.


"Are you crazy?" The woman whispered, snatching and throwing back on her bed sheet. "There are ghosts everywhere. Here, put this back on quickly." She handed Darci her bed sheet from the branches and scampered away.


Darci, confused and thankful, threw on her bed sheet again. She looked around; her confusion simmered down. The familiar pang of fear hit her stomach.

What if the real ghosts had seen her without the sheet?


She hustled trying to pick up her fallen groceries.


Another ghost with purple boots stopped by Darci. The ghost bent down and handed Darci her fallen bread.

The ghost got closer...


Darci's heartbeat started racing again.


"Don't worry. I'm human too," murmured the purple boots ghost.  "Let's clean this up quickly."


A second, smaller ghost with glittery sneakers stopped too. She piled on a bunch of Darci's escaped food and tottered over to her.


She dumped her load in Darci's grocery back. Then, she tugged gently on Darci's bed sheet. "I'm a human tooo," she whispered.


"Let's go, little Bean," said purple boots, motioning to the little ghost.


The tiny ghost bounced over and grabbed the purple boots hand.


The ghost with purple boots turned back to Darci and said,

"Be safe. After all, we do live in a world full of ghosts."
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