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My Imaginary Friend

June 20, 2017

"Hide!" I said.


My imaginary friend went scampering about. She was too big to fit under my bed, her orange fur kept sticking out. She couldn't fit out my window, her purple feet were too big.


This definitely wasn't working.


"Quick in my closet!" I pulled the door open and shoved her in.


She fit! Just barely, but it was enough.


"Pumpkin, didn't you hear me? Are you ready for dinner?" said my mom, peeking in. "Your father's made your favorite, macaroni and cheese on jam toast."


"Yeah, I heard," I said, making a face.


My mom walked in hugged me tightly. "Thank you for being brave. I know the move's been hard, but it'll get better. You'll go to your new school and make lots of new friends in your second-grade class."


I wanted to tell her I had made a friend.

I didn't need anymore.


But, I didn't know if she'd like my new friend.


"Yeah, okay."


She kissed me on my head and then peered over my shoulder. "Oh, looks like your jacket hopped out of your closet." She giggled at her joke, I snickered too.


She picked it up and made the bunny ears on the hood bounce up and down.

"Boing- Boing!" she said. "Off to the closet."



"No!" I said, skidding out in front of her. "It's alright, I can do it."


My mother put her hands on her waist.


"Sophie, you aren't hiding anything from me are you?"


I shook my head fast. "Nuhu. I just got a special place for my bunny sweater to sleep. And she doesn't like it when other people see it."


My mom raised her eyebrows and smiled. "Alright, pumpkin, as long as her sleeping place is in that closet. After you're come out for dinner."


"Alright," I said waving her off.


"Phew," sighed my closet. "Can you kindly bring me back some yummy yellow noodles?"


I came back and almost dropped the extra mac n cheese I stashed in my fist.

"You grew!"


My imaginary friend smiled apologetically. Now she stretched to the ceiling and took up an entire corner with


her fluffiness.


"Here, I brought you some mac n cheese."


Despite my friend's size we managed to play pirates. I jumped back and forth from my bed to the big comfy reading chair. Both were my trusty pirate ships. Meanwhile, my puffy friend steered the bed ship away from sharks and towards treasure.


"Bedtime," said my mom, walking through the hallway.


"Uhu!" I looked around for something-- anything to hide my friend.


Seconds before my mom opened the door, I grabbed my star quilt and threw it over my fluffy friend.


Something was better than nothing.


My heart beat loudly in my chest.


My mom walked in. "Pumpkin, you look flushed are you feeling okay?" she said, feeling my forehead.


"Yeah, I'm fine. Just nervous about tomorrow," I said.


"Tomorrow will be a grand adventure, like the one your astronauts in your books go on," said my mom, ushering me to my bed.


I let out a sigh of relief. She hadn't noticed my friend.


She pulled up the sheets to tuck me in. "Uhu, where's your star blanket?" She said, searching around the room.


"It's okay. I don't want it," I said, quickly.


My mom didn't listen. "It'll be a cold night. You need it. Oh, there it is." She pulled it off my friend.

"Noo!" I said, but I was too late.


My imaginary friend and my mom stared at each other, neither one blinked or moved a muscle.


"She's my imaginary friend! With her, I don't need to make any friends. And she'll be my friend," I said, trying to explain.


My mother smiled, with a twinkle in her eye.


"So, you're who she's been playing with. Nice to meet you," my mother extended out her hand.


My friend shook it, her paw was double the size of my mom's hand.


My mother looked at me. "Sophie, you never have to hide your imaginary friends. That's why they grow big. They want to be seen."


"Really?" I said, looking over at my fluffy companion.


My imaginary friend nodded and started to shrink.



"I'm glad you found her. Because do you know what imaginary friends do," asked my mom.


"They're like your adventure buddies," she said.


My mom hugged me and continued. "Your little, furry friend will help when the teacher asks you hard questions at school. She'll hug you when you're scared. But, do you know what imaginary friends do best?"


"What?" I said, leaning in.


"Imaginary friends are the best at helping you make new friends," said my mom.




"Really, really," chuckled my mom.


By now, my imaginary friend had shrunk to her normal size. She fit snugly in the palm of my mom's hand.

My mom tucked the star quilt around me and put my imaginary friend by my head.


"Sweet dreams, my little adventurer," said my mom with a kiss. She turned to my imaginary friend. "Take good care of Sophie."


My friend nodded and squeezed my ear.


That night I dreamed that I flew off to school on the moon and made friends with the stars.


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