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A Little Adventure

June 20, 2017




Jenga towers tumbled down. Lego houses collapsed. The dinosaur of the playroom thudded across the orange

stripped floor.


"I'm the biggest dinosaur ever!"


"Oh, there you are, Tiny!" A brown stuffed bear reached down for the dinosaur.


"No! I'm not done, Fluffy!" said Tiny. Her little green arms and legs flailed in the air. She was a dinosaur no bigger than a cell phone.


"Oh yes, you are," said Fluffy. She dropped Tiny and a handful of legos, and Jenga pieces on the nightstand.


Tiny peered over the edge of the nightstand, looking towards the star covered bed beside her. "Can I sleep in the bed tonight?"



Fluffy raised her hand until it was high above Tiny. "You have to be this tall to sleep on the bed. Now shoo. Jane will be home soon. And where do small toys like you go?"


Tiny looked down. "In the nightstand," she mumbled. She shuffled to the open nightstand drawer. She stopped to try to drag a Jenga piece with her. But, no matter how she pulled or pushed it, she couldn't move it.


"Allow me." Fluffy swept her and all of the little things into the drawer and shut it.


Tiny was alone in the dark.


It wasn't until hours later when Tiny woke up, startled by a night storm.







Jane, the little girl that slept in the starry bed, began to wail.


Tiny threw herself against the inside of the drawer.

Huff. Puff. Huff.


Finally, a mini opening appeared. Just enough for her to slip through.


The bedroom door yawned open.


Tiny dove behind the lamp on the nightstand.


A man with a mustache that was quadruple Tiny's size, strode into the room. He put his arms around Jane.


"Jane dear, be big and brave." He wiped the tears from her eyes. "Then the storm won't frighten you."

Jane bit her wobbling lip and, for a moment, she stopped crying.








"Waah!" said Jane.


The door sighed open again.  This time a woman with a bun that was as big as twenty Tiny's, marched in.


"Oh love, be still," cooed the mother. "Be tall and fierce."


Jane straightened up, trying to get taller. She pushed together her quivering lips and, for a moment, she stopped crying.







The mother and father left, talking in hushed tones out in the hall. They discussed strategy, hoping they could both manage to get in a couple hours of sleep without Jane crying.



Tiny peeked out from the lamp. "Tiny people can do big things," she said to herself. She shut her eyes and did a running jump towards the bed. When she opened her eyes, she was standing right next to Jane's nose. She gently poked it.


Jane's wailing quieted.


"Pssst, you wanna know what us little people can do when we're scared?"


Wiping her eyes, Jane nodded and scooped up Tiny.


"You gotta roar!" said Tiny.


Jane giggled. "Roar," she said.




"Roar!" she said, laughing.


The tears dried on her face as she and Tiny took turns roaring at the storm. Eventually, she fell asleep with Tiny wrapped in her arms.


Together, these two small friends could survive any big storm.

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