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A Hidden Talent

June 20, 2017

What's so bad about being a rubber duck? Well for one, Deb couldn't float.


She splashed and wiggled in the pool water. It was pointless. She couldn't get herself to float. Exhausted, she gathered the last of her energy to try to dive back on her island.


She missed. Her pink inflatable chair was just out of reach.


Deb sunk more.


"No no no." Deb splashed around even more. The waves closed in on her. She had the energy for one more attempt. She dove for her pink home.



Panting, Deb lay on her inflatable and hugged it.


"I never want to leave you again," she said.


A breeze tickled her neck, it smelled vaguely of cake. Deb looked at the castle by the pool. Her giant people must be having one of those birthdays.


"Incoming!" came a voice from the sky.  Lilly, the butterfly, crashed down. She bounced on the pink inflatable.


"Breeze got the best of me." She tapped Deb's head. "You look sad, sad, sad. Floating didn't work out, did it?"


"No," said Deb, flopping forward. "I'm not good at anything. I can't even float like a normal duck."

"But you are good, good at something. You just haven't found it," said Lilly.


Deb looked up. "You're just being nice." Deb rolled over to the edge and looked at the ladybug shaped pool cleaner at the bottom. "What do you think Calli?"


"Figure it out yourself...Let me sleep," gurgled Calli.


"See, even Calli thinks I'll never float," said Deb.


"Nope. Nope. That's definitely not what she said. You'll get it. All you need is a tasty raisin to cheer up." Lilly took off and bee-lined toward an open packet of raisins. They sat on the plastic table by the pool.  She grabbed one up and headed back.



That's when the breeze transformed into a wild wind.


"Whoa, whoa!" Lilly was thrown around left and right.



She hit her head on a tree branch hanging over the pool. She fell into the pool and sank to the bottom.


"Lilly! Calli can you help her?" said Deb.


"If I tried...she could stick in my filter...She's your friend...Save her," gurgled Calli.


Well, she had always been good at sinking.


"What if I drown?" said Deb.


"Your friend," was Calli's only response.


Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she jumped in.

Down. Down. Down she went.


Plop, she hit the bottom. Her eyes creaked open.


"Whoa!" she gurgled. She could breathe under the water! A large smile broke out on her face.  "Look at me! I'm good at sinking!"


She swam over to Lilly.



She took her in her arms.


"Excuse me, Calli. I need to climb up your tube," said Deb, already beginning her climb.


"If you must..." said Calli.


Soon Deb and Lilly were above the water and on the side of the pool.


"Wake up, wake up," said Deb.


Lilly's eyes fluttered open. "I'm alive! Alive! Alive! Did you save me?"


Deb nodded. "I did! I sunk to the bottom, breathed water, and I saved you!"


Lilly smiled. "I told ya you were good, good, good at something. Most ducks can't do what you do. You're awesome, awesome."


"Thanks, I feel pretty awesome," grinned Deb.



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