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A Carrot Adventure

June 20, 2017


Pixie the bunny had imagined her trip to Jane's Farm going differently. Very differently. She had thought she


would now be at Jane's stuffing her face with mouth watering carrots. She hadn't in her wildest dreams thought she would end up clinging for her life on the edge of a yellow brick road.


"Here I come!" proclaimed Tillie.


Tillie, the bunny, bounced over the gaping hole in the yellow brick road and over Pixie with her Pogo Stick. Tillie landed on the other side and tossed the purple Pogo Stick aside.


"Who knew one of those be handy? I'm glad Sally's Farm sent me one of these," said Tillie with a big grin.

Pixie's paws started to slip. "Help! Tillie, I can't hold on much longer," she panted.


"Oh, right!" Tillie reached over the edge and grabbed Pixie's wrists. She tried pulling her up. "It's no use," she said. "I keep losing my grip."



Tillie's ears perked up.


"Hear that? It's another package from Sally's Farm! They're more helpful than a cold carrot juice on a hot day."


A carrot shaped box floated down, tied to an orange balloon.



The orange package plopped at Tillie's feet.


"Can you try to do something?" huffed Pixie, still dangling over the abyss.


"Sure. Sure. This might have something in it to help." Tillie tore into her present faster than a child unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning.


A little tube of orange goo lay inside.


"Oooo Silly Putty, I love this stuff," Tillie said. She stretched the goop out between her paws.


"Tillie!" said Pixie. Her paws were losing whatever ground she was holding.


"Right, Tillie's here to save the day!" Tillie put a piece of Putty in both of her paws. She reached to grab Pixie, and this time, her paws stuck to Pixie's paws.


"One, two, three!" Tillie pulled Pixie to safety.


Pixie gave Tillie a hug. "Thank you!"


"No problem, haha you should thank Sally's Farm, they sent the gifts," said Tillie.


The two bunnies continued down the yellow brick road.


"Why do they send you all that cool stuff?" said Pixie.


"Because I'm a looong ways from my bunny hole.  Guess they just figured I'd need some help or fun on my way there."


The two bunnies came to two wooden signs. On the right was a hand painted sign that said 'Welcome! Sally's Farm This Way.' On the left was a beautifully painted sign that said 'Jane's Farm This Way'.


"Guess this is is," said Tillie. "I'm off to Sally's Farm!" She started hopping away when she felt a tap on her shoulder.


"Mind if I tag along? Sally's Farm seems like a really nice..." said Pixie.


Tillie smiled. "Of course, let's go get our fill of carrots from Sally's Farm."


The winner in the carrot business, or any business, is one that helps their customers get to their carrots.

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